Why I joined CommonFloor not Housing.com ?

A late very late article again. Almost 3 months late.
I am such a big procrastinator , I didn’t know. Thought of writing this article the day I joined CommonFloor.com i.e 1st of July, 2015.

Like many other I also researched a lot about both the companies before I could come to a conclusion. Yes, I was offered by both the companies, First by CommonFloor.com then from Housing.com via a Hackathon they organized in Bangalore.

Finally after a lot of research I decided to go for CommonFloor. This was also one of the hard decision of my career. Remember, just before early July, 2015 Housing was buzzing the market like anything. This is one of the reason one of my friend offered SDE-III position refused to joined CommmonFloor saying CommonFloor might be in pressure due to Housing. But, I don’t know my heart was always inclined towards CommonFloor due to a lot of reasons.

Here are the points that I am making after I joined CommonFloor and after 3 months I believe I took the better decision.

  • I was getting to work on Python in CommonFloor, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity as I am a die-hard fan of Python and this was one of the primary reasons of me leaving my last organization Yodlee.

    In Housing I would have had to start a new language all together as they primarily work on Ruby/RoR.
    People told me not to keep programming language a parameter to choose any company rather I should focus on the problem that I am gonna work. But yeah..CommonFloor was not out of challenging problem I guess/ as told.

  • I was offered a position 65% Web Developer and 35% Data Scientist.
    I couldn’t have asked for more where in I could have sharpen my skills as a Web Developer and pursue my interest in Machine Learning and Data Science.
    I was certainly not getting this at Housing.com
  • Housing certainly had double funding that CommonFloor.com but being a guy from business background I tried evaluating both the companies and found they are spending their money like water.
    I have seen how a business grows from scratch. Just money can’t bring you customers, service and commitment does. Housing.com certainly didn’t fit in this.

  • Sorry, Mr Rahul Yadav but you were also one of the reasons I didn’t join Housing.com as kind of commment and statements that you were making was just buzz in the market. I knew this is a bubble which would burst soon.
    And it did.
  • 1st July, 2015 I joined CommonFloor.com and I guess 2nd July, he was kicked out of Housing.com
  • Post Joining CommonFloor

  • I was happy that I was in a team which does innovation. I was happy again to know that there is no restriction of programming language to be used or any technology for that matter in the team I am in . The team is called CFx (CommonFloor Exponential).

  • The team was new and energetic with awesome peers around. I felt that I am at a place where I will have a little pain on my shoulders to build something to develop something. I knew I wanted this from start.
  • I was little worried about the work culture. Possibly, about any pressure due to Housing.com but believe me there was nothing as such. People inside were confident in themselves.
  • One of the things that I like about CommonFloor is open questions that you can ask directly to CEO, Founders or anybody about anything, be it Housing.com at that time.
    And they answer each and every question.
  • So far, it been so good. I was always concerned about my technical profile while choosing for the company I had to be interviewed. In case of CommonFloor, I can say I am expanding my horizons and working on something I always wanted to work. Something never existed, something Intelligent, Something Awesome. Yeah..Keep in touch..Something related to Artificial Intelligence is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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