Inter-College FDP (Faculty Development Program) workshop on Advance Python Programming at ATME College of Engineering, Mysore

This post is about the Inter-college FDP(Faculty Development Program) workshop conducted for 2 full days at ATME College of Engineering, Mysore Workshop was organized at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Chief guest of the event was Dr. L Basavaraj, principal ATMEECE. Dr. Puttegowda D, Head of the Department of CSE who presided, said…
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Being a freelancer is the best thing.

Another article on my blog about something which I am doing very passionately these days. Yes, that’s freelancing. It’s not just the best thing because you are your own boss but it shows that not only you one of the top talent in your domain but also you can take ownership and build something. I…
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How to POST Python requests with CSRF token ?

import requests client = requests.session() # Retrieve the CSRF token first URL = ‘’ client.get(URL) # sets cookie csrftoken = client.cookies[‘csrftoken’] print csrftoken #Check if it’s getting printed. Sometimes key name could be ‘csrf’ only payload = { ‘csrfmiddlewaretoken’:csrftoken, ‘key1′:’value1’, ‘key2′:’value2’, ‘key3′:’value3’ } r =, data=payload, headers=dict(Referer=URL))

Running two Flask applications under one AWS instance using Apache

Running two Flask applications under one AWS instance using Apache Have two application files copied in /var/www Application 1:- /var/www/apple Application 2:- /var/www/banana Create two wsgi files at both the above location with below content:- apple.wsgi ************************************* import sys sys.path.insert(0, ‘/var/www/apple’) from app import app as application ************************************* banana.wsgi ************************************* import sys sys.path.insert(0, ‘/var/www/banana’) from…
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How to host a Flask app on Amazon AWS in 5 minutes ?

Apache Configuration for Amazon AWS Location:- /etc/apache2/sites-available/ NameVirtualHost *:80 ServerName WSGIScriptAlias / /var/www/aira/aira/aira/aira.wsgi Order allow,deny Allow from all ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log LogLevel info CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined Enable the above file which we created. sudo a2ensite sudo a2dissite 000-default ———————————————————– Location of :- /var/www/aira/aira/aira/ Location of .wsgi:- /var/www/aira/aira/aira/aira.wsgi Content of aira.wsgi ********************************************** import sys…
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Why I joined CommonFloor not ?

A late very late article again. Almost 3 months late. I am such a big procrastinator , I didn’t know. Thought of writing this article the day I joined i.e 1st of July, 2015. Like many other I also researched a lot about both the companies before I could come to a conclusion. Yes,…
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An interview with Facebook… :)

Interview at Facebook Yes, you heard it right. Couple of days I was being interviewed for a position at Facebook, Hyderabad. One of Facebook my friend who became my friend because he was impressed by the technical things I did (ML, Python, Data Science and all). He asked me if I would be interested for…
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